Friday, November 29, 2019

How to Lose Weight Fast

Include protein in your diet

When it comes to weight loss, protein is the king of nutrients.

Your body burns calories when you digest and metabolize the protein you eat, so a high-protein diet can increase metabolism by up to 80-100 calories per day

Avoid processed food
Processed foods typically contain excess sugars, excess fat and calories.

What's more, processed foods are engineered to make you eat as much as possible. They are more likely to cause food cravings than unprocessed foods.

Eat breakfast every day. A habit common to many people who have lost weight and kept it off, eating breakfast every day. "Many people think skipping breakfast is a great way to cut calories, but they usually eat more throughout the day," says Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, author of The Pocket Idiot's Guide to the New Food Pyramids . " The study has shown such people. Eating breakfast has lower BMI and better performance than breakfast-skippers, whether in school or in the boardroom. For a quick and nutritious start, try a bowl of whole grains with fruits and low-fat dairy.

Go for the grain. By substituting whole grains for refined grains like white grains, cakes, cookies, and pretzels, you add much-needed fiber and will fill faster so that you are more likely to eat a fair portion. Choose whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, bran flakes, popcorn and puré-rye crackers.

Add more steps. Get yourself a pedometer and gradually add more steps until you reach 10,000 per day. Throughout the day, do whatever you can to be more active - speed while talking on the phone, take the dog out for extra walks, and march during television commercials. Having a pedometer serves as a constant motivator and reminder

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